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Issue 26:1 – March 2, 2018

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Vegetable Crops
Growing Spring Broccoli in Delaware
Spring Planted Cover Crops for Vegetable Rotations
Seedless Watermelon Trials 2017

Agronomic Crops
Handy Bt Trait Table for Corn
Winter Grain Mite in Small Grains
Complete Wheat Tiller Counts Now to Determine the Need for Spring Nitrogen
Spring Nitrogen on Pastures

NEW Guess the Pest Challenge for 2018
WFRP Can Provide Enhanced Income Protection for Grains/Processing Vegetables

Profiting from a Few Acre$ Small Farms Conference – March 6, Dover
Delaware Ag Safety Conference – March 7, Harrington
EPA WPS Update & Train-The-Trainer Course – March 9, Dover; March 28, Georgetown
Organic Production Meeting: Grain, Dairy, Vegetables & Poultry – March 9, Wye Mills, MD
Wholesale Readiness Workshop – March 20, Seaford/Salisbury
Produce Food Safety Training for Growers – March 22, Georgetown
On-Farm Poultry Growers’ Field Day – March 28, Harrington
Upcoming Women in Ag Webinars