Pruning & Maintenance

Prune out damage

There are many reasons for pruning.  Plants are pruned to maintain health and vigor, modify form and size, maintain an attractive plant and to modify flowering or fruiting.

Plant health is improved with the removal of diseased, injured, dying or dead wood.  Dead wood can harbor or provide an entry point for insects and diseases.  Dead or diseased limbs can generally be pruned at anytime.

Plants are most easily maintained in their natural form.    Taking a few moments to locate a tree or shrub in the “right place”  where it can grow and be left in it’s natural form only takes a little planning prior to planting.

There is not a single “best time of the year” to prune.  Timing is determined by the type of plant, plant species, reason’s for pruning and the effect desired.   In general, most trees can be pruned at anytime except when they are leafing out in the spring or when they are losing their leaves in the fall.

Use the following calendars to help you determine successful timing of pruning for deciduous trees, shrubs and evergreen trees:

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