Poinsettia Sick?

Poinsettia with Root RotYour poinsettia isn’t looking too sporty?? First, water once a week until soil is moist. Next, keep it out of drafty areas and heat vents. If after watering, your poinsettia doesn’t perk up, it could be suffering from a root rot. Carefully knock the plant out of the pot and look at the roots. If there are very few roots and the roots are dark and come apart easily, the plant could have Pythium root rot, as in the picture. All growers of holiday plants try to start with clean young plants, and grow them to be healthy plants for sale. Occasionally, plant pathogens get into production systems. Unfortunately, all you can do as a purchaser of an unhealthy plant is discard that plant and try again with a new one. You can try to take it back to the place where you bought it. Our nursery inspectors help too, to look for problems before they get to sale. Happy Plant Holidays!

NFG 12/12/2014