Pest Management in High Tunnels

The Kentucky Pest News, Weekly Newsletter had a great article about pest management in high tunnel situations, mostly biological control, as many chemical control products are not labeled for high tunnel use. Here is the link: .

Addressing mostly arthropod pests, these are good guidelines for disease control too:

  1. Sanitation and cultural controls in and around structures, which includes screening and weed control.
  2. Biweekly Monitoring – visual inspection of plants and sticky cards, keeping written records.
  3. Recognize pest problems early, before they are at critical levels. Properly identify pests; for some, identifying them to species. County Extension offices can help.
  4. Release beneficial species (natural enemies and pollinators) – monitor effects – consult with extension specialists. Beneficial species require management.
  5. Anticipate future problems based on previous crop history (refer to records).