New Citizen Science Project – A Tree’s Life!

North Carolina State is starting a “citizen science” project to help understand how climate and urbanization affect tree growth and carbon sequestration. You can be a part of this project and follow tree growth over the next few years. A study of red maple trees in urban sites will help in the study of tree response to global change.

Acer rubrum J. Ruter UGa

A Tree’s Life goal is to understand tree growth, and thus services, across latitudinal, attitudinal, and urbanization gradients.  Volunteers just need a red maple (Acer rubrum) in their yard and we will send them a dendrometer to measure annual DBH growth.  This is an easy project for homeowners, Master Gardeners, or even schools or gardens.

For more info and to sign up visit the project web page:

NFG 3/16/2017