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Hot and Dry Weather August 2016

After a cool and rainy start to the season in Delaware, it has turned hot and dry. Rains have come in downpours, most of which runs off.

Keep an eye on trees and shrubs, as well as annuals, perennials, and vegetables. Newly planted trees and shrubs may take up to two or three years to become established in the landscape. Water once or twice a week, deeply, if there is no rain. Watering deeply means to apply about the equivalent of one inch of rain. A soaker hose can be run about 45 minutes, or a sprinkler about the same, depending on water output. Do not water daily. Water early in the day, so that foliage has time to dry. Foliage can be scorched by the sun and water droplets magnify the sun’s rays. If foliage is wet overnight, disease can set in. Don’t fertilize newly established trees and shrubs that are putting out small feeder roots, as salts can damage those new roots. Wait until fall to apply fertilizer to lawns and wait until spring to apply fertilizer to shrubs and trees.

Establishment of new trees takes time
Establishment of new trees takes time

NFG 8/12/2016