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poultry-bannerPoultry is the mainstay of agriculture in the Delmarva region. In  2011, poultry and related industries contributed $3.2 billion to the Delaware economy. Poultry Extension programs and Extension experts are dedicated to providing unbiased, research-based resources to a large constituency of individual poultry growers and businesses who have a stake in what is the largest economic driver in the region. A focus of Poultry Extension programing includes topics in the management of mortality and litter quality, disease prevention, ventilation and energy, poultry house construction, animal standards of care and overall best practices in poultry management.   Working closely with other Extension colleagues and with programs such as Delaware Nutrient Management, Poultry Extension plays a key role in delivering on-site support and informative public workshops and webinars throughout the year.  Through the diverse delivery of these resources, family farmers are provided access to the latest information and practices that promote environmental stewardship and a bountiful, nutritious and safe food poultry product.


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