4-H Afterschool/Summer Programs

Delaware 4-H offers afterschool and summer programs at schools and community centers in each of Delaware’s three counties.  These programs target under-served communities. Each individual site has its own specific age ranges, target groups and/or enrollment guidelines.


Webinar Announcement:  STEM Afterschool Programming with Public Housing Authorities:  Promising Practices from Delaware 4-H and Virginia/West Point STEM Model – June 6, 1-2:30 p.m.

Are students in 4-H Afterschool/Summer considered to be 4-H members?  Yes!  In addition to club specific projects and programs, 4-H Afterschool/Summer members are eligible to participate in all 4-H contests, (link to main projects page) events, (link to calendar) and camps (links to camps page), both at the county and state level, as well as activities associated with the Delaware State Fair (link to state fair page).

How are 4-H Afterschool/Summer programs different from community 4-H clubs?  In addition to community 4-H club projects, 4-H Afterschool/Summer students participate in projects that they and their club leaders have developed.  Unlike community 4-H clubs, 4-H Afterschool programs meet daily during the school-year, during which members get homework and tutoring to help them improve their academic skills, receive nutritious snacks, and have organized recreation time in a safe and fun environment. During  the summer, 4-H Afterschool/Summer programs also meet daily for several weeks for a summer camp experience.

How do I enroll my child in a Delaware 4-H Afterschool program?  Contact the Delaware 4-H County Afterschool Director in the county in which your child attends school.

New Castle County: Fontella Taylor ftaylor@udel.edu (302) 831-4977
Kent County: Sequoia Rent srent@udel.edu (302) 730-4000
Sussex County: Frank Ferlenda  ferlenda@udel.edu (302) 856-2585

Where are Delaware 4-H afterschool programs located?  To the right is a listing of each of the sites where Delaware 4-H offers afterschool programs.  Click on the site name for details about that program.  For enrollment information or general questions, please contact the appropriate county afterschool director listed above.