Section 24(c) Labels for Delaware – Herbicides

 Mark VanGessel, Extension Weed Specialist;

The DE Department of Agriculture has granted a number of Section 24(c) or State Local Needs labels for use in Delaware. Often these special labels are not listed on the manufacturer’s websites or in public data bases; and thus can be hard to find. These herbicides may not be registered in adjoining states to Delaware. The 24c for herbicides in Delaware include:

Spartan Charge for lima beans.

Goal Tender for cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower.

Starane Ultra has reduced interval for planting soybeans (90 days instead of 120 days).

There are labels for Dual on spinach, asparagus, watermelon, peppers, and cabbage. These labels are available at You need to register at this site, then under the heading of Products, select indemnified labels. You will need to sign off on the form acknowledging you are accepting the risk associated with this use.

Chateau has a label for watermelon, cantaloupes, peppers and tomatoes when grown on plastic. This label is very specific: use for row middles only; pre-transplant application with hooded sprayers; no herbicide sprayer on the top of plastic; rain or irrigation between application and transplanting. Be sure to read the supplemental label for full details. This label requires notarized signature before use. A copy of the label and required documents are available at

If you need clarification or more information on any of these, please contact Mark VanGessel at or 302/856-7303 ext 510.