Vegetable Crop Insect Scouting

David Owens, Extension Entomologist;

We are still in need of your cucumber beetles. If you have a population that you are about to treat or treated within the past 24 hours, please contact me, if you don’t mind me lifting a couple hundred beetles out of the field. Thanks.

With the hot weather this week, be on the lookout for spider mites, not just in watermelon but also tomato. We may get a bit of a reprieve if the weather cools down, but once mites get started in a vegetable field, weather only slows them down but will not remove them. Tomato thresholds from North Carolina are 4 mites per upper canopy leaflet (not leaf).

Sweet Corn
Sweet corn pheromone and blacklight traps are checked twice weekly on Mondays and Thursdays. By Tuesday and Friday morning, data is uploaded to our website: For reference, action thresholds based off of blacklight and pheromone trap can be found here:

We observed a significant increase in moth activity in several locations throughout the state.

Thursday trap counts are as follows:

Trap Location BLT – CEW Pheromone CEW
3 nights total catch
Dover 1 7
Harrington 0 48
Milford 2 45
Rising Sun 1 27
Wyoming 1 11
Bridgeville 5
Concord 1 71
Georgetown 2 47
Greenwood 1
Laurel 2 94
Seaford 0 4
Harbeson 2
Trap Pond 3 8
Trapwoods 3 8