2014 Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations Available

The updated Delaware Commercial Vegetable Production Recommendations are available. As usual, this year’s guide includes updated insect, disease and weed control information as well as new variety recommendations. There are also new variety tables, including disease resistance information, days to maturity and quality…


Blueberry Educational Meeting at Bennett Orchards

On Saturday, June 8 the rain held of long enough for us to have a nice blueberry educational meeting and tour the three year old planting at Bennett Orchards in Frankford, Delaware. If you missed the meeting you can check out these links…


Pole Lima Bean Landraces

Over the past several years a number of people have generously given me seed of pole lima bean varieties that they have grown and maintained.  In some cases these varieties have been grown by the family for more than 100 years.  As part…


Processing Vegetable Yields 1918-2011

I compiled the historic Delaware yield data for processing peas, green baby limas and sweet corn and developed the two charts below, which show the annual yields and a 5-year running average.  There has been a yield gain of about 4 tons/A for…


New Table Grape Varieties for the Eastern US

Dr. John Clark at the University of Arkansas has recently released four new table grape cultivars: ‘Faith’, ‘Gratitude’, ‘Joy’ and ‘Hope’.  When at the Southern Region American Society for Horticultural Science meeting in February I attended presentations by Dr. Clark and several other…


Pea Variety Trial Video

Every other year the Extension Vegetable and Small Fruits Program conducts pea variety trials.  During the most recent trial in 2012 we filmed the harvest process and produced a video about the trials.  The video is now online here: UD Pea Variety Trial…