On December 16, 2014 six representatives of from the four regional vegetable processing companies that that pack lima beans evaluated blanched and frozen samples of the Fordhook varieties tested for yield in the 2014 trial. Two commercially frozen samples, purchased from local grocery stores were included in the evaluation as controls. Results from the trial and the evaluation are in the 2014 Lima Bean Variety Trial Results.  Photos of the samples are below. Photos are labeled with the name of the sample and then the percent of evaluators rating as overall acceptable is given in parenthesis. Click on the photo for a larger image.

All photos by Danielle Vanderhei.

DE1002703A_FH6 DE0804401C_FH7
DE1002703A (100%)
DE0804401C (100%)
 DE0900302A_FH10  DE1002701A_FH11
DE0900302A (100%)
DE1002701A (100%)
 DE0804404C_FH14  DE0804404A_FH20
DE0804404C (100%*)
DE0804404A (100%*)
 DE1002703B_FH13  ConcentratedFH_FH15
DE1002703B (80%)
Concentrated Fordhook (67%)
 HanoverPremiumFH_FH21  DE0701301A_FH18
Commercial Sample E (50%)
DE0701301A (50%)
 DE1002802A_FH1  DE0701303B_FH5
DE1002802A (33%)
DE0701303B (33%)
 DE0600605C_FH8  PictsweetDeluxeFH_FH3
DE0600605C (33%)
Commercial Sample F (33%)
 DE0700904_FH17  DE0803801A_FH2
DE0700904 (33%)
DE0803801A (17%)
 Fordhook242_FH4  DE0600602B_FH12
Fordhook 242 (17%)
DE0600602B (17%)
 DE0804101A_FH19  DE0803801B_FH22
DE0804101A (17%)
DE0803801B (0%)
 DE0803801C_FH9  DE0701101_FH16
DE0803801C (0%)
DE0701101 (0%)

*some raters indicated color, size or shape problems with these samples but rated them overall acceptable