On December 16, 2014 six representatives of from the four regional vegetable processing companies that that pack lima beans evaluated blanched and frozen samples of many of the baby lima varieties tested for yield in the 2014 trial. Four commercially frozen samples, purchased from local grocery stores were included in the evaluation as controls. Results from the trial and the evaluation are in the 2014 Lima Bean Variety Trial Results.  Photos of the samples are below. Photos are labeled with the name of the sample and then the percent of evaluators rating as overall acceptable is given in parenthesis. Click on the photo for a larger image.

All photos by Danielle Vanderhei.

DE1001104B (100%)
DE1001202B (100%)
 DE1000802B_B10  DE1001202A_B29
DE1000802B (100%)
DE1001202A (100%)
 DE0901204B_B32  CeliteSelect_B34
DE0901204B (100%)
C-elite Select (100%)
 GBL18485_B36  DE1001202C_B49
GBL 184-85 (100%)
DE1001202C (100%)
 DE0901502B_B24  DE1001202D_B14
DE0901502B (100%)
DE1001202D (100%)
 DE0407907_B28  DE0407905_B39
DE0407907 (100%)
DE0407905 (100%)
 DE1001201B_B13  DE1002003A_B27
DE1001201B (100%*)
DE1002003A (100%*)
 DE0505002A_B15  DE0802701B_B20
DE0505002A (100%*)
DE0802701B (100%*)
 DE1000604A_B3  PictsweeDeluxTinyLima_B42
DE1000604A (100%*)
Commercial Sample A (100%*)
 DE1001102B_B4  DE1001102E_B12
DE1001102B (83%)
DE1001102E (83%)
 DE1001701A_B1  DE1002502A_B23
DE1001701A (83%)
DE1002502A (67%)
 DE1001201A_B48  DE1001201C_B18
DE1001201A (67%)
DE1001201C (67%)
 Meadow_B30  DE1001802A_B40
Meadow (50%)
DE1001802A (50%)
 DE1001202E_B21  DE1000603B_B8
DE1001202E (50%)
DE1000603B (50%)
 DE1000802C_B11  DE1001102A_B22
DE1000802C (50%)
DE1001102A (50%)
 DE0900701D_B47  DE1001102C_B26
DE0900701D (50%)
DE1001102C (50%)
 DE0802102B_B9  DE0900705C_B37
DE0802102B (33%)
DE0900705C (33%)
 Cypress_B38  DE0901204A_B33
Cypress (33%)
DE0901204A (33%)
 DE1000503B_B5  DE1000701A_B17
DE1000503B (33%)
DE1000701A (33%)
 DE0802102A_B6  PictsweetBabyLima_B31
DE0802102A (33%)
Commercial Sample B (33%)
 HanoverPremiumSilverLine_B25  DE0802102C_B45
Commercial Sample C (17%)
DE0802102C (17%)
 DE0801802B_B43  EssentialEverydayRedners_B16
DE0801802B (17%)
Commercial Sample D (17%)
 DE1000503C_B41  DE0901201A_B46
DE1000503C (17%)
DE0901201A (17%)
 DE0802101A_B44  DE1002303B_B19
DE0802101A (17%)
DE1002303B (17%)
DE0901201B (0%)

*some raters indicated color, size or shape problems with these samples but rated them overall acceptable