What’s Hot HL Issue 2?

Ants are a common pest during wet spring seasons as they try to find the appropriate amounts of moisture they need.  Below are a couple common types of ants found invading homes, greenhouses and office during times of high precipitation.

Pavement ants quarreling with another ant colony.  Photo provided by:  Joseph Berger, Bugwood.org




Close-up of Odorous house ant.  Photo provided by:  Joseph Berger, Bugwood.org



Odorous house ants tending soft scales for honeydew.  Photo provided by:  Susan Ellis, Bugwood.org

Cultural Hotline Issue 2

Rainfall has been heavy this spring.  As mentioned in the article white pine weevil and European pine sawfly due well with high amounts of precipitation.  Photos for these insects have been posted previously.  Please use the search function to find  these.

Compacted soils with standing water after a heavy rainfall event.  Photo provided by Brian A. Kunkel, University of Delaware Ornamentals Extension specialist.

Cultural Hotline Issue 1

Winter damage took its toll on landscape plants this winter.  Damage on a black oak is on the left.  Photo provided by Randy Cyr, Greentree, Bugwood.org.






Frost damage to the trunk of a pear tree.  Photo provided by William Jacobi, Colorado State University, Bugwood.org




Brown needles on the south side of the pine tree.  Photo provided by USDA Forest Service – North Central Research Station Archive, USDA Forest Service, Bugwood.org