Ornamentals Hotline Issue 3 2019

X. germanus. Photo credit: J.R. Baker and S.B. Banbara, NC State University – bugwood.org
Sporulating gall of cedar apple rust fungus on
juniper in the spring. Photo credit: N. Gregory
Bark beetle toothpick. Photo credit: G. Keith Douce, University of GA bugwood.org
Telia of cedar quince rust on juniper. Photo credit: N. Gregory
Bird’s nest fungus in mulch. Photo credit: N.

Ornamentals Hotline Issue 2 2019

Improperly applied mulch around the base of the tree, two years later. Tree showing stress. Photo credit: N. Gregory
Eastern tent caterpillar. Photo credit: Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University, bugwood-org
Impatiens cultivar ‘Imara XDR Orange’. Photo
credit: Syngenta Seed
Eastern tent caterpillar tent. Photo credit: Robert L. Anderson, USDA Forest Service, bugwood-org

Ornamentals Hotline Issue 22

White faced hornet’s nest in hedge. Photo credit: J. McWilliams.
X. crassiusculus. Photo credit: L.L.
Hyche, Auburn University, Bugwood.org
Bark beetle frass emerging from trunk. Photo credit: B. Kunkel
X. germanus. Photo credit: D. Adam,
Office National des Forests, bugwood.org
Spotted Lantern Fly adult. Photo credit: B. Kunkel
Basil downy mildew on leaf. Photo credit: N. Gregory
Summer patch. Photo credit: M. Hansen, VA Tech