Gardening Workshops

Take advantage of the beautifully crisp fall weather to finish up any remaining garden chores— this time of year consider raking leaves in to beds to insulate the soil, conserve moisture, and to break down slowly and provide rich organic matter to the soil.  Rake or blow leaves on to the lawn and use your mower to pass back and forth over the leaves, shredding the leaves, enriching the soil, and providing  a nice nutrient source to the lawn.  Turn your compost pile, harvest any finished compost and spread on garden beds.  Cut back perennials but leave those which will provide habitat or food source for wildlife.  Clean and put away your garden tools.  And then, as the cold creeps in, and the daylight becomes shorter, begin planning for Spring.  Consider signing up for the Master Gardeners’ mailing list to receive notice of upcoming events including our soon-to-be-announced Winter/Spring Home Gardener Workshop series!


Master Gardeners also develop and deliver a wide variety of workshops, demonstrations, and lectures, throughout the year, for adults, either at our facility or in the community.  Contact our office to schedule a workshop or demonstration for your group.  Topics are found below. Please direct questions to Carrie Murphy, or (302) 831-COOP.  For suggested topics and additional details HERE is the brochure for the Master Gardener Speaker’s Bureau.