New Castle County Master Gardeners

Master Gardener Volunteer Educators (MGs) distribute research-based information from the UD and the horticulture industry to home gardeners.  Outreach efforts include Workshops and Presentations, Youth EducationThe Garden Line and Plant Diagnostic Service, and Demonstration Gardens.

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March to the Garden 

Saturday, March 16, 2019, 9:00 am – 1:00 pm (check-in at 8:15 am), New Castle County Cooperative Extension Office, University of Delaware, 461 Wyoming Road, Newark, DE 19716

Registration is $22 if you register by February 22, 2019.  This includes the program, parking, and food.  The registration fee is $25 if you register after February 22, 2019.


Get Jazzed for Spring!  Join the Delaware Master Gardeners in this day of learning designed for both novice and experienced gardeners. Featuring a variety of topics and sessions, giveaways, refreshments including farm-fresh UDairy ice cream, and an opportunity to network with other gardeners including our expert Master Gardeners! Our focus on gardening essentials will help you with everything from seed starting to garden plantings.  Sessions as follows:

Vegetable Seed Starting with Rick Judd Many vegetables can be started indoors to be transplanted later when conditions are right. Learn which vegetables are customarily started indoors under grow lights and which vegetables are better suited sown directly in the soil. In this session we will discuss the factors and protocol of starting seed by both methods as well as optimum conditions for seed starting. You will also learn methods of testing seed viability, proper storage, and seed saving.

A New Approach to Companion Planting: Adding Diversity to the Garden with Judy Hough-Goldstein Learn how to use diverse plantings in your garden to attract and support beneficial insects and reduce pest problems. In this session you will learn the myth, and the reality of companion planting, learn techniques to attract beneficial insects, and ways to use plant combinations to create a healthy garden.  Click here for more information.

Dahlias with Anne Boyd Expand your plant palette to include dahlias, a tender ornamental that grows from a tuber. Learn how dahlias can carry your flowering border through the August doldrums, and continue blooming up until frost. This session will also feature a hands-on activity on dividing tubers that you can take home to add a bright burst of color into your fall landscape!

Make this Year your Best Year in the Garden! 
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All workshops are held at the New Castle County Cooperative Extension Office, 461 Wyoming Road, Newark, Delaware 19716 unless otherwise noted.

Winter Vegetable Gardening, $15
Wednesday, January 23, 7-9 pm with Rick Judd
Many gardeners only think of warm season gardening. Year-round gardening in Delaware is entirely possible. This includes winter! Learn which vegetables thrive in cool and even cold weather. Find out what impacts vegetables as the weather cools and the sun weakens. Learn how to extend fall gardening into the winter and even through winter into next spring.

Preparing your Landscape for Spring, $15
Thursday, February 7, 6:30-8:30 with Frank Ebright
Are you prepared for Spring? Take the guesswork out of your Spring “to-do” list, and discuss topics such as preparing your garden beds, pruning, insect and disease monitoring and control, early vegetable and ornamental plantings, and lawn maintenance and tools.

Pruning for your Personality, $15
Wednesday, February 27, 6:30-8:30 with Paul Lyons and Ralph Goldrick
This workshop will cover the basics of pruning common plants, including shrubs and trees, for the health of the plant and the shape you desire. The basic pruning tools, their maintenance and use will be covered. Shaping your plants with the “look” you envision for your landscape is personal to each homeowner, so we will discuss height, form and function, future growth, and the overall health of each plant to help you develop the landscape that you will enjoy.

Beginner Vegetable Gardening (2-part workshop), $30
Monday, Wednesday, March 4 and 6, 6:30-8:30 with Rob Medicus
What could be better than delicious, healthful vegetables, fresh from your own garden? Join us for two evenings to learn about soil, site selection, tools and techniques, and of course, the specific vegetables. You will begin creating a specific plan for your own home garden!

Healthy Soil: All the Dirt on Gardening Gold, $15
Thursday, April 4, 6-8pm with Jack Bruhn
Are you having trouble growing healthy plants or achieving the “bucket of beets” harvest of your dreams? Well, improving your soil through management and amendments may be the remedy that your garden needs. Come see how a little soil science can help you to understand the nature of your soil problems. Then learn about the bounty of information and insight that are available to you from an analysis of your soil. Finally, explore how gardening practices and various soil amendments affect your soil so that you can pick the ones that will best meet your gardening needs.

Grow Your Own Berries, $15
Wednesday, April 17, 6:30-8:30 with Rob Medicus
Imagine walking out of your door and picking your own delicious berries. There’s no sweeter reward. Come and learn the basics of growing your own strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries. You’ll be berry popular!

Integrated Pest Management Walk and Talk, FREE

Tuesday, May 7, 6-7 pm with Dr. Brian Kunkel and Carrie Murphy
Join IPM Extension Specialist Dr. Brian Kunkel, Horticulture Educator Carrie Murphy, and the Master Gardeners in the Native Plant, and Vegetable and Fruit, Teaching and Demonstration Gardens for a plant, pest, and beneficial insect walk.

Containia Mania, $25
Thursday, May 16, 6:30-8:30 pm with JW Wistermayer
A hands-on, messy workshop, and you can keep the plants! Bring gardening gloves and a 12-inch (diameter) container to learn the basics for container planting with annual ornamental plants.

*Important: No refunds will be issued unless the program is canceled. You will be notified in the event of cancellation.