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Kent County Master Gardeners

MGLogoNewKent County Master Gardeners play a key role in distributing information about environmentally friendly practices for the home gardener. Topics include identification and control of home, lawn, and garden pests, plant diseases, plant cultivation, lawn management, and wildlife habitat development.


                       A Family Garden:                                                        Planning, Planting & Growing a Vegetable Garden with Young Children

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

1:00 – 2:00 P.M

U.D. Paradee Center

Parents, grandparents and other adults will learn strategies to plan, plant, and maintain a vegetable garden for young children. Participants will learn how to integrate simple learning activities to actively engage children in planning and designing the garden, planting young seedlings, and caring for the vegetables. Shared resources include books to read, suggestions for simple games to play, and suggestions to integrate math and science while working in the garden. NOTE: this workshop is also appropriate for preschool teachers and home school educators. This workshop is not for children to attend. Call 730-4000 to register.