September Delaware Garden Guide

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The following is the gardening calendar for September:

First Week of September:

  • Start a compost pile using any disease-free plant material from flower and vegetable  gardens (do not use weeds that have gone to seed), grass clippings, and pruned pieces from trees and shrubs (keep in mind, the smaller the piece of material, the faster the decomposition or breakdown).
  • Have soil tested to determine the amount of lime and fertilizer required and apply to lawn area.
  • Space strawberry runner plants about six inches apart.  Pull out extra plants.
  • Harvest vine-ripened vegetables from plants that continue to produce.
  • Start tomato plant indoors in a peat pot.  Select a short-day variety like “Pixie”.  When large enough, transplant into three and one-half inch or larger pot and place in the sunniest window.  Water and feed it regularly and tomatoes will be ready for Christmas dinner.

Second Week of September:

  • Collect and dry herb blossoms, grasses, and seed pods to decorate holiday wreaths.
  • Start cuttings from geraniums and begonias.
  • Start new begonias by digging and dividing roots.  Use a sharp knife to slice through the root system.  When dividing, each division should have three or four buds (the small pinkish-colored buds at the crown of the roots).  When  planting new roots and buds, do not place the tops deeper than two inches below the soil surface; otherwise, the plant will produce foliage, but may seldom bloom.  Provide moisture to promote new root growth.
  • Select and prepare site for spring flowering bulb bed.


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