April Delaware Garden Guide

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The following is your garden calendar for April:

The first half of April:

  • Feed shrubs and roses – read label directions for special instructions.
  • Take a soil sample to determine exact amount of nutrients the soil needs to grow and produce flowers or fruit.
  • Mow lawn if grass is over 2-1/2 inches tall.  The ideal mowing height is two
  • inches.  Closer cutting weakens the lawn and opens it to invasion by crabgrass and other weeds.
  • Allowing the lawn to grow too tall gives it a ragged appearance, may create problems with accumulated clippings and will cause matting if played or trampled on.
  • Prune and shape spring flowering shrubs after blossoms fade.
  • Prune roses before April 22.
  • Prepare garden soil for spring planting.
  • Begin regular scouting program for fruit trees.  Pesticides should be used only whenpest populations are high enough to cause damage to plants and damage reaches the economic injury level.

For the second half of April:

  • Finish transplanting trees and shrubs.
  • Plant ground covers to those terrible spots where nothing but weeds seem to grow.  There are many to choose from — some with flowers and other with beautiful foliage.
  • Start vegetable, herb and flower seeds now.  Read the back of the seed pack for specific instructions.
  • If weather is favorable, plant carrot, celery, lettuce, radish, spinach, sweet corn, turnip, snapbean and parsnip seeds; and transplant broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and tomatoes.
  • Prepare beds for planting annual and perennial flowers.  Consider height, plant requirements (full sun or partial shade, sandy or rich loam soil), and color in selecting varieties.


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