Home Gardener Workshops

Workshops are held at the New Castle County Cooperative Extension Office, 461 Wyoming Road, Newark on the University of Delaware campus.  To register, download the following form and send in with your payment  2015 Winter-Spring MG Home Gardener Workshops Registration!

Winter/Spring 2015 Schedule Just Announced

Grow your own Spring Salad, $15

Start growing your spring salad by mid-March.  Best management practices show you how to grow nine salad vegetables including leaf lettuce, radishes, spinach, beets and others in an environmentally sustainable way including integrated pest management  and building soil health by composting.

Instructor:  Rick Judd, Date/Time and Location:  January 27, 12– 2 OR January 28, 6:30-8:30, Extension Office


Pruning for your Personality, $15

This workshop will cover the basics of pruning common plants, including shrubs and trees, for the health of the plant and the shape you desire.  Shaping your plants with the “look” you envision for your landscape is personal to each homeowner, so we will discuss height, form and function, future growth, and the overall health of each plant to help you develop the landscape that you will enjoy.  Please bring garden gloves and pruners.

Instructors:  Paul Lyons and Nancy Throckmorton, Date/Time and Location:  (Rescheduled from February 17) March 10, 12– 2 OR April 21, 6:30-8:30, Extension Office


Nothing Beats a Homegrown Tomato, $15

Learn how to grow tomatoes from seed or seedlings.  Understand how to plan a tomato garden and maintain healthy tomato growth through compost and mulching.  Control troublesome pests using sustainable methods, and select tomato varieties based upon desired disease resistance.

Instructor:  Rick Judd, Date/Time and Location:  February 25, 6:30-8:30, Extension Office


Beginner Vegetable Gardening (two-part workshop), $30

What could be better than delicious, healthful vegetables, fresh from your own garden? Join us for two evenings to learn about soil, site selection, tools and techniques, and of course, the specific vegetables. You will begin creating a specific plan for your own home garden!  Instructor:  Rob Medicus, Dates/Time and Location:  March 3 and 4, 6:30-8:30


Potato Planting, $10

Spring is here! Time to plant potatoes. Come out and learn the best methods for successful planting of your “spuds” in a hands-on demonstration.

Instructor:  Iain Adamson, Date/Time and Location:  March 21, 1-2:30, Extension Office


I Hate my Lawn (but I want to learn to love it!), $30

In partnership with UD and the City of Newark Stormwater Management Programs

Grow the lawn you want with fewer chemicals and less water!  This comprehensive course will help you to recognize lawn problems and learn how to cure them.  Topics include soil conditioning, choosing a grass type, sod versus seed, fertilizing, mowing, pest management and more.  You’ll learn to love your livable lawn!

Instructors:  Frank Ebright and Rob Medicus, Dates/Time and Location:  March 24 and 26, 6:30-8:30


Grow your own Berries , $15

Imagine walking out of your door and picking your own delicious berries. There’s no sweeter reward. Come and learn the basics of growing your own strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Instructor:  Rob Medicus, Date/Time and Location:  April 13, 6:30-8:30


Gardening with Intent, $20- THIS WORKSHOP IS FULL!

If you are baffled by your landscape that over time has outgrown its original plan, or has never had one, then this workshop is for you.  Master Gardeners have planned a visit to a New Castle County, Delaware residence and landscape where they’ve provided guidance to the homeowners who’ve developed and implemented a landscape plan over many years.  You’ll be able to observe and evaluate landscape planning and implementation principles as they are being applied in a real, lived-in landscape.  For privacy reasons, the exact location of the workshop will be provided to only those who register to attend.

Instructors:  Bob Deming and Hetty Cumba, Date/Time:  May 16, 10 am to Noon, Location announced following registration- please register early, limited space available


Master Gardeners also develop and deliver a wide variety of workshops, demonstrations, and lectures, throughout the year, for adults, either at our facility or in the community.  Contact our office to schedule a workshop or demonstration for your group.  Topics include:  Vegetable Gardening, Composting, Container Gardening, Landscape Design, Lawn Management, Native Plants, and Pollinators.  Please direct questions to Carrie Murphy, cjmurphy@udel.edu or (302) 831-COOP.  Request A Master Gardener Speaker for your Library, Garden Club, Community Group here.