New Castle County Master Gardeners

Master Gardener Volunteer Educators (MGs) play a key role in distributing information for the home gardener.  They are vital links in an educational chain that begins with research from the University of Delaware and the horticultural industry.  Master Gardeners’ outreach efforts include Home Gardener Workshops and Presentations, Youth EducationThe Garden Line and Plant Diagnostic Service, and Demonstration GardensMG Member Information

Hello Home Vegetable Gardeners!  Did you ever wonder about….

Art by Master Gardener Jane Bensinger
Art by Master Gardener Jane Bensinger

…what and when to plant?  improving your soil?  how to compost?

…how to design your garden? different types of planting beds?

…attracting pollinators and other “good” insects?  protecting your garden from pesky critters?

We are Master Gardener Volunteer Educators who love working and learning together.

We work in the Vegetable and Fruit Teaching Garden most MONDAY mornings during the growing season, weather permitting.

Come visit- we love to talk about growing vegetables!

The garden is located at the rear of our Extension building along the City of Newark James F. Hall trail.  For visiting information please contact us at 302-831-COOP.

Visit our Gardens this Summer!

Visit our demonstration gardens at any time or schedule a visit by contacting Carrie Murphy,  Weather permitting, Master Gardeners will be working in their demonstration gardens at the Cooperative Extension office, 461 Wyoming Road, throughout the growing season as follows:

Native Plant Teaching Garden- every Wednesday, 9:30-11 am beginning in late April;

Vegetables and Fruit (and other Edibles!) Teaching Garden-  every Monday, prior to Memorial Day 9:15-11 am, between Memorial Day and Labor Day 8:30-10:30 am, and after Labor Day 9:15-11 am.