The benefits of a healthy, attractive lawn are many and diverse. Lawns prevent erosion, provide cooling, reduce dust and mud, remove pollutants from the environment, reduce glare, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Lawns provide a safe, comfortable space for many athletic and social activities. Areas of lawn, whether large or small, help to humanize the urban environment. Lawns provide the carpet upon which other plants are located and act as a unifying feature in the landscape.

While lawn may be an important part of your landscape, consider reducing your lawn area to reduce fuel consumption and emissions and improve the permeability of your property. If your lawn is small enough, you may be able to use a reel mower and eliminate the need for fuel altogether. What can the land be other than lawn? Planted landscape beds will look great but are expensive to install. Depending on the size of your lawn, consider allowing some lawn to become a managed meadow and allow the rest to grow into the forest.

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