First State Impacts

Cooperative Extension Impact Statements are brief summaries of the economic, environmental or social outcomes of our educational efforts. They summarize our accomplishments and their impact on our state and its citizens. You can find the latest Impact Statements listed below in both statement and infographic formats. Please click on them to download.

Nutrient Management Certification

How a comprehensive education program for production agriculture is increasing the health of soil
and water in Delaware’s watersheds.

Nutrient Management Certification Impact Statement pdfImpact Statement [pdf] Impact Infographic [pdf]

Youth Drug Awareness by 4-H Health Rocks

How a Delaware youth program educated 5,900+ youth on the dangers of substance abuse.

4-H Health Rocks Impact Statement pdfImpact Statement [pdf] 4-H Health Rocks Impact InfographicImpact Infographic [pdf]

Dining with Diabetes

How a program transformed Delawareans’ health for the better: eating, nutrition, and exercise.

 Impact Statement [pdf]  Impact Infographic [pdf]

Food Safety Education

How ServSafe® and Dine Safe programs guard Delawareans’ health by preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses.

 Impact Statement [pdf]  Impact Infographic [pdf]
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