First State Impacts

Photo of red and brown chicken

Poultry Farm Management

Training for Delaware growers on best management practices, ventilation basics and regulation

A scrabble board that says School to learn, read, math

Afterschool in Selbyville

Academic improvement, school connectedness and health all part of programmatic effort in elementary school

Teenager sitting outdoors against a tree looking relaxed and thoughtful.

Combating Stress with Mindfulness

4-H leads mindfulness training in stress management skills for ages 10 and up

A photo of polluted water drainage.

EMERGED: Contaminants of Environmental Concern

Delaware symposium serves as a benchmark on potential environmental impacts from emerging contaminants


Redheaded Flea Beetle Education

In-person presentations, fact sheets and recommendations inform growers on increasing problems from this native insect


Fresh Market Variety Trials and Variety Recommendations

Information on yield, quality traits and disease resistance of varieties for vegetable growers


Poverty and Food Insecurity

People living in poverty learn about budget, handling food safety and physical activity

Cooperative Extension Impact Statements are brief summaries of the economic, environmental or social outcomes of our educational efforts. They summarize our accomplishments and their impact on our state and its citizens. You can find the latest Impact Statements listed below in both statement and infographic formats. Please click on them to download.

2016 Impacts

How a multi-state Extension collaboration strengthens business practices of women managing equine farming operations

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How a statewide substance abuse prevention program targeted 138 elementary school youth and 249 middle school students

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How a program transformed Delawareans’ health for the better: eating, nutrition, and exercise.

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How ServSafe® and Dine Safe programs guard Delawareans’ health by preventing the spread of foodborne illnesses.

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How UD Cooperative Extension informed soybean and small-grains growers about multidisciplinary solutions to crop management of insects, pathogens and weeds.

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How a comprehensive education program for production agriculture is increasing the health of soil and water in Delaware’s watersheds.

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How a multi-state collaboration developed a misted nursery with potential to save Delaware’s small-grain producers up to $1 million+ annually

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UD Cooperative Extension Professionals and Master Gardener Volunteer Educators train communities to grow fresh, local foods

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How a regional meeting of industry professionals tackled disease issues and explored best practices to ensure the quality and profits of winter wheat crops

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How UD Cooperative Extension lowered diabetes risk in African American and Hispanic populations in two Delaware counties

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The University’s “Kids Count in Delaware Study” reveals that cigarettes smoking, marijuana, and alcohol use continues to rise in students in grades 5 thru 11.

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