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Financial Wellness Speaker Topics

Maria Pippidis conducts a financial wellness workshop
Your wealth and health depend on how well you manage your personal finances. No matter where you are in your life, if you manage your money and resources well, you will reduce your stress and work towards financial security.

The topics below are offered through our Speakers Bureau. The cost is $50/session (unless otherwise noted) and we request that there be at least 12 people for a presentation to be scheduled. Use the request form to schedule your program. To schedule email Maria Pippidis or call 831-1239.  Click >>> to download a copy of the financial wellness topics.

Creating a Strong Financial Foundation

Developing a Spending Plan – This program focuses on building a spending plan that helps you accomplish your business and family goals and helps you organize a simple filing system for managing your money. Beneficial to those who need a basic understanding of where to begin in gaining control of their finances. Length: 2 hours

Understanding Credit and Reducing Debt – If your goal is to reduce debt, this workshop will provide you with the tools to do it. We discuss weaning you off credit, credit reports and the importance of a credit history. Beneficial to those who need a basic understanding of where to begin in gaining control of debt and wise use of credit. Length: 2 hours.

Tips and Strategies for Saving on A Tight Budget – If your goal is to try to begin or strengthen a savings plan, this workshop will provide you with the tools. We will also discuss simple techniques to “find money” to save, where to put your savings and identify motivators that will help you save. Length: 2 hours.

Protecting Your Identity – Identity theft is the fastest growing area of consumer crime and one of the most difficult to resolve, once it takes place. Do you know how to protect yourself? This session will give you tools to know what to do to prevent and what to do if it happens to you. Length: 1.5 hours.

Creating a Retirement Paycheck – If you are pre-retirement and thinking about how much you will need in retirement, this class will help you learn how to calculate what you will need and provide strategies for using your savings assets to create a “retirement paycheck.” Length: 2 hours.

Health Insurance Topics

You and Health Insurance – Making a Smart Choice – Explore the information you need to make the best health insurance decision for you and your family, based on your needs and how much you can afford. A consumer workbook will be presented that will help you feel more confident in making health insurance selections. Length: 2 hours Cost: $10/per person $125 if sponsored by an agency.

Smart Choice Health Insurance Basics – This session helps you understand why health insurance is so important to protecting your financial wellbeing and health by exploring important factors to consider when choosing a plan. Length: 1.5 hours Cost: $8/per person $100 if sponsored by an agency.

Smart Use Health Insurance – Smart Actions for Using Your Insurance Wisely – Seven strategies for getting the most out of using your health insurance to keep you healthy and financially well. Length: 1.5 hours.

Smart Use Health Insurance – Understanding Costs and Estimating Expenses – Improve your understanding of health insurance costs and determine how much a plan may cost you each year. Length: 1.5 hours.

Managing Family Resources Wisely

Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate? – Everyone has personal belongings such as wedding photographs, a baseball glove or a yellow pie plate that contain meaning for them and for other family members. Planning to pass on such items can be challenging, and may lead to family conflict. This program provides people with practical information about the inheritance of personal property. Length: 1.5 hours.

What Every Child Should Know About Their Aging Parents Finances (and How to Protect Your Own) -This program is designed to help family caregivers understand the type of financial information and documents needed so they can perform their caregiving duties, while also thinking about their own future. Participants will better understand their loved one’s financial situation, see more clearly how finances could change, and determine how best to communicate about caregiving and financial issues with family members. Length: 2 hours.

Workshop Series

Making your Money Count – a four or five part financial education series that helps limited income participants understand their money personality, develop a spending plan, reduce debt and increase savings and understand insurance and the importance of a simple estate plan. Eash session is 1.5 hours Cost: $50/person or $500 if sponsored by an agency.

Becoming Retirement Ready – This three-part series will review information and help participants develop confidence and skills in preparing for retirement. Most appropriate for those that have an understanding of basic financial concepts. A short pre and post-test will be used to help assess change over time. The series will include the following sessions 1) Crunching the Numbers, 2) Taking (Some of) the Mystery Out of Investing, and 3) Selecting a Financial Advisor. Length: 3, 1.5 hour sessions Cost: $50/person or $350 if sponsored by an agency.

Professional Development – Training for Professionals and Those Supporting Others

Your Money Your Goals Financial Empowerment training – This full-day workshop introduces those in the helping profession to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s toolkit. This toolkit builds financial capability and confidence to work with others by providing accurate and timely information. It allows people to have reliable resources to share with clientele as financial topics need to be addressed. Cost is $30/person when UD Cooperative Extension hosts the training. Cost if hosted by an organization is negotiated with this organization.