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Stripe Rust Update

Growers should be aware that Stripe Rust was confirmed in different parts of Virginia, including the Eastern Shore, over the weekend.  As mentioned last week, it was confirmed in Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee the previous week.  Currently the level of infection is…


Research on novel evolution of wheat fungal pathogens

Toxins are one means that some fungal pathogens can circumvent plant defenses and cause disease.  For example, the ToxA toxin, produced by the tan spot pathogen (Pyrenophora triciti-repentis) is responsible for disease in many susceptible wheat varieties.  We know that bacteria may share…


Scouting for diseases in small grains

Scouting fields for plant diseases is a simple way to maximize profits and yields over time.  Scouting allows growers to assess stand losses early and replant as needed, determine what diseases are active and their potential to damage the crop at key growth…