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Sudden Death Syndrome in Delaware and Maryland

Over the past three weeks there have been increasing reports of soybean sudden death syndrome (SDS) in full season soybeans. SDS is one of the top ten most important diseases affecting soybeans, but is still a minor player in the mid-Atlantic.  Yield loss…


Research on Barley Yellow Dwarf Management in Wheat

Barley Yellow Dwarf (BYD) is a viral disease that can reduce yields in wheat, barley, and oats.  The virus can infect numerous species of grasses including those you may find in ditches, pastures, and lawns.  The virus is transmitted by aphids, which can…


iLeVO: A New Tool for Soybeans

iLeVO, a seed treatment containing Fluopyram recently gained approval for use by the EPA.  Those of you who grow vegetables or orhards are likely already familiar with this active ingredient as it is a major component of the Luna fungicide product line.  Fluopyram…


Intego seed treatment

  Intego® is a new seed treatment available from Valent that targets oomycete diseases.  This product contains the fungicide active ingredient, ethaboxam.  Ethaboxam is a new thiazole carboxamide (group 22) and is the first Phytophthora and Pythium seed treatment fungicide to be released…


Soybean seed treatments

 I have been asked about the effectiveness of seed treatments in soybean by several growers.  Are seed treatments useful?  As usual, the answer is, “It depends.”  Fungicide seed treatments can increase the germination of poor quality seed if the low quality is due…