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Southern Blight in Soybeans

Southern blight of soybeans, caused by the soilborne fungus Sclerotium rolfsii, is increasing in areas of Virginia and may be observed in some areas of Delaware and Maryland.  This is not the same as the white mold pathogen Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, although it is…


Corn is moving, are you ready?

Corn is starting to take off, and this means that the next set of diseases to keep an eye out will be the foliar diseases.  The most common diseases impacting corn are the residue borne leaf diseases including Grey Leaf Spot and Northern…


Residue effects on Stagonospora glume blotch in wheat

Stagonospora glume blotch and leaf blotch is a common disease of Delaware and Maryland wheat fields.  There appears to be a trend of increasing incidence and severity of Stagonospora and other members of the leaf blotch complex (tan spot, Septoria blotch) in many…