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Seedling diseases of soybeans

Soybeans grown in Delaware and Maryland can succumb to various diseases early in the growing season.  These diseases typically are favored by conditions that slow soybean emergence and favor pathogen growth, such as wet weather immediately following planting.   There are several pathogens that…


Intego seed treatment

  Intego® is a new seed treatment available from Valent that targets oomycete diseases.  This product contains the fungicide active ingredient, ethaboxam.  Ethaboxam is a new thiazole carboxamide (group 22) and is the first Phytophthora and Pythium seed treatment fungicide to be released…


Soybean seed treatments

 I have been asked about the effectiveness of seed treatments in soybean by several growers.  Are seed treatments useful?  As usual, the answer is, “It depends.”  Fungicide seed treatments can increase the germination of poor quality seed if the low quality is due…