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Stem Canker on Soybeans

Stem canker is a disease that has been observed at increasing levels in many regions where soybeans are produced.  In Delaware and Maryland we typically observe both Northern and Southern stem canker.  Although different in some aspects, their overall impacts and management are…


Corn is moving, are you ready?

Corn is starting to take off, and this means that the next set of diseases to keep an eye out will be the foliar diseases.  The most common diseases impacting corn are the residue borne leaf diseases including Grey Leaf Spot and Northern…


Seedling diseases in corn

Corn planting is underway.  Persistent rain has increased the concern about potential seedling diseases and the need to replant.  Corn seedlings in DE and most of MD can be affected by two main pathogen groups 1) Pythium spp; and 2) Fusarium spp.  Pythium…


New Research on Corn and “Greening Effect”

New research from Iowa State University indicates that pyraclostrobin, a fungicide active ingredient in the group 11 strobilurin class, delays senescence but does not extend grain fill.   In their study, conducted from 2008-2010, corn was sprayed with pyraclostrobin at VT.  Researchers then assessed…


Yield Losses and Fungicide Sprays for Gray Leaf Spot on Corn

The following is a continuation from my previous blog on GLS.  Many growers need to make tough decisions regarding fungicide sprays.  Yield losses from GLS depend on how far up the plant the disease has spread and the severity (percent damaged leaf area)…