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Bacterial Stalk Rot on Sweet Corn

With the recent stretch of hot, dry weather, many producers have begun to irrigate their sweet corn.  Consequently, there have been reports of bacterial stalk rot in some areas where surface water or ponds have been used as water sources.  Bacterial stalk rot,…


Fusarium Head Blight Risk Elevated in Flowering DE/ MD Wheat

Wheat in southern parts of MD and DE, as well as some early flowering varieties, began flowering the latter half of last week and most of the remaining wheat I expect to flower sometime in the next 7-10 days, depending on temperature.  Flowering…


Delaware and E Shore Maryland Small Grain Disease Update

Since my last article, the temperatures have been fairly cool and very windy, which has not been favorable for disease development in small grains.  We are seeing low levels of spot/net blotch in barley and some minor powdery mildew in some wheat fields…


Do I need a fungicide on my soybeans?

Fungicide use in soybeans is a somewhat controversial subject in Delaware.  Overall, Delaware soybeans do not suffer to a significant degree from fungal diseases such as white mold or even Frogeye leaf spot.  More commonly, we see brown spot and downy mildew on…


Explaining Late Blight Lineages

Late blight is a disease that we deal with to some extent in the mid-Atlantic each year.  When reports come in you may see something mentioned about the lineage that was detected.  What exactly are we telling you when we mention this information? …


Review and history of Cucurbit Downy Mildew

Downy mildew of cucurbits is a serious disease for vegetable growers in the Midatlantic.  The epidemic in 2004 changed the way we manage this disease.  The downy mildew picture continues to change, and we continue to learn more about this pathogen and its…


2015 wheat fungicide table now available

Each year our national wheat pathology working group gathers and publishs an updated list of fungicides for small grains.  We utilize our local data to determine the relative performance of products on specific diseases.  This year’s list is changed somewhat from last years. …


Fungicides and potency

Fungicide selection can be a challenging process, and growers often need to take into account many factors in deciding on a product.  Disease history, variety susceptibility, cost, and performance are important factors that go into the overall equation for selecting a product.  One…


2014 applied field crops research available

I have put together a book that summarizes much of our applied plant pathology research from the 2014 field season.  The guide is intended to provide clientele from Delaware and the surrounding region with up to date, research-based information on applied management of…


Updates on soybean rust and kudzu

When I started my doctoral program in plant pathology in 2004 soybean rust was all the rage, and for good reason.  The disease posed a serious concern to soybean growers throughout the United States.  Luckily, the disease has thusfar been limited in its…