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Seedling diseases of soybeans

Soybeans grown in Delaware and Maryland can succumb to various diseases early in the growing season.  These diseases typically are favored by conditions that slow soybean emergence and favor pathogen growth, such as wet weather immediately following planting.   There are several pathogens that…


Time to sign up for Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Updates

Now is the time to ensure that you are signed up for alerts from the Fusarium Head Blight Prediction Center, and you should be checking the map every 2-3 days as plants approach flowering to determine your potential need to apply a fungicide…


Stripe Rust Present in Virginia

Stripe rust has been confirmed in Shirley wheat in the Southern part of the Eastern shore of VA.  Shirley is highly susceptible to stripe rust.  Growers in MD and DE should check their wheat resistance ratings for stripe rust and plan on scouting…


Prothioconazole vs Thiophanate-Methyl for Fusarium wilt control in watermelon

In a past article, I discussed recent research that examined drip application of prothioconazole and thiophanate-methyl for suppressing Fusarium wilt, caused by Fusarium oxysporium f.sp. niveum (FON). Ultimately, this research indicates that application of these fungicides can suppress FON, although they are not …


When will flowering occur in Delaware wheat?

In most parts of Delaware, wheat has started to enter flag leaf emergence (FGS 8) and some wheat is just past emergence (FGS 9-boot).  Growers who are concerned about diseases of the head such as glume blotch and fusarium head blight should be…


Should I apply a fungicide to my wheat?

“Should I apply a fungicide to my wheat?”  That is a common question among many growers this season.  My advise has been this: go out and look at your wheat.  Really look at it, don’t just drive by at 60 mph with Lynyrd…


2016 Small Grains Fungicide Efficacy Table now Available

Click Here For Table


Early Season Considerations for Powdery Mildew on Small Grains

We have been getting our wheat plots set up over the past week and there certainly is a fair amount of powdery mildew inoculum out there. Powdery mildew at this point in time will look like grey patches on foliage and you may…


Factsheet on Stagonospora Glume Blotch now Available!

Growers in the mid-Atlantic often encounter issues with Stagonospora leaf and glume blotch.  A new factsheet is available that discusses this disease, how it works, and what you can do to minimize it’s impacts. To access the factsheet click this link: Stagonospora leaf…


New fungicide with excellent Oomycete control available soon

Syngenta announced today that it has received EPA approval for Orondis, a new high-performance fungicide that has been shown to be very effective in suppressing several important vegetable oomycete diseases. First sales are expected next season. Data from vegetable trials in our area…