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Soybean Losses Due to Diseases

Diseases significantly impact soybean production throughout the United States.  In Delaware, diseases such as Soybean Cyst Nematode, Root Knot Nematode, and stem canker can cause significant annual yield losses.  Plant pathologists throughout the United States collect disease loss data each year.  This data…


Bacterial Leaf Streak- Something to Look For in 2017 Corn

Bacterial leaf streak (BLS) is a new bacterial disease affecting corn in the United States.  The disease has been present in Nebraska corn fields at detectable levels since 2014, but was only recently positively identified.  The disease has been detected in nine states…


Best Management Practices for Dickeya in 2017 Potatoes

Avoid purchasing varieties (with lot numbers) which are known to have Dickeya from any source. Do not purchase seed from those growers/brokers with a known history of Dickeya. Do not rely on Blackleg tolerance levels reported on the North American Seed Health Certificates…


More on Dickeya and Potatoes in Delaware and the Region

As mentioned earlier, Dickeya dianthicola has been detected in Delaware in three fields of ‘Vivaldi’ potatoes this season.  In addition, D. dianthicola has been found  in ‘Reba’, ‘Snowden’ and ‘Norwis’ on 3 farms in New Jersey and 5 farms on Long Island in…


Dickeya Update in Potatoes

Article with the help of Kate Everts, Vegetable Pathologist and Specialist University of Delaware and Maryland   Earlier this year, we alerted all to a “new” bacterial disease of potatoes that is similar to, but more aggressive than black leg. An article on…


Dickeya blackleg updates and considerations for 2016 potato crop

In 2014 and 2015, growers in many parts of the region started to notice black leg symptoms popping up in fields.  However, careful inspection of plants suggested that this was not your typical black leg, which is a seed piece issue resulting from…


Weeds as Alternative Hosts for Goss’ Wilt

Goss’ Wilt is an emerging issue in corn production.  Although the bacterial disease has yet to move into our area, it has spread throughout corn production areas in the Midwest and parts of Canada.  Currently, rotation and tillage are the only means of…


Herbicide Drift vs Holcus Spot in Field Corn

Some growers may notice round tan colored lesions with red margins and yellow halos on some corn. These symptoms can be either herbicide injury (gramoxone in particular) or a minor disease called Holcus spot. Holcus spot is a bacterial disease of corn that…


Identification of stalk rots of corn

Stalk rots are one of the most significant set of diseases on corn.  These diseases are insidious, and often growers are unaware of their effects until harvest.  Low levels of stalk rot occur in nearly every corn field, and severity and incidence varies…


Purple or black spots on corn

In the past 1-2 weeks we have started to see corn fields with black spots developing on the stalks.  There does not appear to be any relationship with hybrid, management practices, or fungicide sprays.  We are currently working on the issue and I…