Research on Information Exchange

Information exchange is important for dealing with plant disease issues.  When a disease related issue occurs, it is important for those affected to understand the issue and have access to solutions from reputable sources.  In addition, exchange of knowledge among researchers is crucial…


Help us gather information on Fusarium Head Blight

The University of Maryland and University of Delaware, through funding through the USWBSI, MD Grain Producers, and MD Commodity Board, run a misted nursery to screen commercial varieties of wheat for Fusarium Head Blight resistance and tolerance to vomitoxin (DON) accumulation.  We would…


Bacterial Leaf Streak- Something to Look For in 2017 Corn

Bacterial leaf streak (BLS) is a new bacterial disease affecting corn in the United States.  The disease has been present in Nebraska corn fields at detectable levels since 2014, but was only recently positively identified.  The disease has been detected in nine states…


Best Management Practices for Dickeya in 2017 Potatoes

Avoid purchasing varieties (with lot numbers) which are known to have Dickeya from any source. Do not purchase seed from those growers/brokers with a known history of Dickeya. Do not rely on Blackleg tolerance levels reported on the North American Seed Health Certificates…


Brown Stem Rot in DE Soybeans

Brown Stem Rot (BSR) is a fungal disease of soybeans that has never been positively confirmed in the Chesapeake Bay area, although suspect plants have been occasionally observed over the years.  We have not observed significant levels of this disease, but it will…


Stalk Rots in Corn

Stalk rots are one of the most frequent and damaging issues for corn production.  Corn plants produce sugars (carbon) through photosynthesis.  These sugars are used as energy for growth and tissue maintenance.  Extra sugars are stored as free sugars and starch in the…


Fusarium head blight Misted Nursery Data for MD/DE now available!

The results of the 2016 misted nursery are now available.  These data are an essential tool in managing Fusarium head blight and vomitoxin (DON) in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Click the following link to access the report—->  Misted Nursery 2016.


Research on Barley Yellow Dwarf Management in Wheat

Barley Yellow Dwarf (BYD) is a viral disease that can reduce yields in wheat, barley, and oats.  The virus can infect numerous species of grasses including those you may find in ditches, pastures, and lawns.  The virus is transmitted by aphids, which can…


More on Dickeya and Potatoes in Delaware and the Region

As mentioned earlier, Dickeya dianthicola has been detected in Delaware in three fields of ‘Vivaldi’ potatoes this season.  In addition, D. dianthicola has been found  in ‘Reba’, ‘Snowden’ and ‘Norwis’ on 3 farms in New Jersey and 5 farms on Long Island in…


Corn is moving, are you ready?

Corn is starting to take off, and this means that the next set of diseases to keep an eye out will be the foliar diseases.  The most common diseases impacting corn are the residue borne leaf diseases including Grey Leaf Spot and Northern…


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