Personal Financial Management Initiatives

Our goal is to help families learn financial management concepts, processes and skills that increase their confidence and skills so they attain economic stability and security. We provide tools and resources that assist in learning and practicing effective money management. We also provide training and resources to build the financial literacy confidence and skills of those working with adults and youth in the area of financial literacy.

Financial Management Initiatives
(Each of the links below has information that describe program initiatives, respectable web links and publications if applicable)

Your Money, Your Goals-A Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Social Services Programs Training Opportunity This one day session provides training for individuals who may find themselves in need of resources to support their clientele regarding financial topics. This training will cover topics such as how to manage cash flow, dealing with debt, understanding credit reports and scores, as well as others. Cost: $30 per person.

Money Management Workshops and Web Resources – Reaching family members when and where they need it, we provide financial management educational programs on a variety of topics held during the evening or during the day at places of employment. Topics include budgeting, credit, saving and investing, communicating about money and helping families manage finances across the life cycle.

Youth Financial Literacy – Building the skills of youth to manage their personal finances and to become confident and skilled as consumers are the goals of cooperative Extension’s program efforts. Youth build skills on their own and with the help of parents and educators. Below are resources that help to support our goals.

  • Resources for Teachers   Resources and websites that support financial literacy education in the classroom.
  • Resources for ParentsResources and websites that support parents in teaching money management to their children.

Resources for Small Business Owners – Building financial competency, risk management and record keeping helps small business entrepreneurs build their skill and business savvy.

  • Annie’s Project – this series for farm women focuses on developing risk management skills