Living Great in the First State

Living Great in the First State is a blog focused on bringing Delawareans information on how to live your healthiest, happiest life.  University of Delaware Cooperative Extension staff have come together to provide research-based information on relevant topics with a personal touch.  Look forward to reading the latest about nutrition, health, food-safety, financial-health, horticulture, agriculture, and anything else that may affect your well-being. You’ll also learn about upcoming UD Cooperative Extension program offerings.

Out & About

Living Great means getting connected, learning new things and even volunteering. This section will highlight events, volunteers and successes. Get a chance to be out and about with us!

Food & Nutrition

Living Great means knowing how to sift through the latest nutrition trends to find real facts, understanding how to keep food safe and how to get the best food and nutrition for the least amount of money.

Health & Wellness

Living Great means reducing stress, increasing your physical activity and learning ways to be well mentally and physically. What’s the best strategies for fitting wellness into busy lives? Find out here!

Gardening & Your Environment

Living Great means engaging with your environment, community and natural landscapes to better know our state and the resources that keep you fed, well and enjoying the outdoors. We’ll keep you current and much more.


Living Great means managing your time, money and energy resources to maximize your financial wellness now and in the future. We’ll address money saving ideas and link you to resources to keep you financially fit and much more.