Health Insurance: Making a Smart Choice in Delaware


Experts at University of Delaware Cooperative Extension are available to help the consumers make more informed choices concerning their health care insurance. Extension personnel and volunteers have received specialized training in the content of health insurance and can provide you with the resources that will help you feel more confident in making selections about  and using your health insurance.

Our goal is to provide consumers with the knowledge and tools to purchase the best health insurance plan for you and your family members and learn how to use it to your advantage.

Our Programs and Workshops

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Smart Choice™ and Smart Use™ Health Insurance Webinars
Knowing how to choose and use your health insurance will make you a smart health care consumer. Participate in these FREE webinars to learn more.
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  • Smart Use Health Insurance: Your Health Insurance Benefits
  • Smart Use Health Insurance: Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs
  • Smart Choice Health Insurance: Basics
Smart Choice Health Insurance™ Programs for Consumers

There are three important questions to answer when making a Smart Choice health insurance decision:

  • WHY?     Why do I need health insurance? Why is it important?
  • WHAT?  What do I need and want? What are my choices?
  • HOW?    How much will it cost? How much can I afford?

The Smart Choice™ programs offers tools to give people confidence and help them build their smart shopping skills.

Smart Choice Health Insurance™ Basics – If you buy your health insurance in the fall, it’s not too early to start thinking about what plan best fits your needs. It is the perfect opportunity for those who are interested in learning more about health insurance and gaining access to some important resources.

You and Health Insurance – Making a Smart Choice – Do you want to reduce your confusion, feel more confident and Increase your capability to make a Smart Choice health insurance decision? The goal of this 2 hour program is to increase consumer’s confidence with understanding health insurance terms and choosing a health insurance plan that fits their health care needs and financial situation.

Understanding and Estimating Health Insurance Costs With health insurance costs increasing each year, understand why and how to estimate these costs so you, your family, or business can plan for them.   

Smart Choice Health Insurance™ Programs for Professionals and Those Working With the Public

Making a Smart Choice about Health Insurance – This 7-hour training will allow staff to increase their knowledge and confidence so that they can empower others to better choose and use health insurance. The workshop is $45 per person which covers the cost of refreshments and program materials. Contact Maria Pippidis for information on scheduling this program for your staff.


Our summary data shows these programs makes a difference. We are achieving the goal we’ve set for ourselves. Click here to see the full Smart Choice Brief 2016.

Consumer Resources

 My Smart Choice Workbook click the title to download this consumer decision making tool.

Important Words to Know click the title to download this list of health insurance vocabulary.

Health Insurance Protects and Provides for You and your Family  – click the title to download this factsheet on why health insurance is important.

 Types of Health Insurance Plans – click the title to download this factsheet on the difference between PPO, POS, EPO and HMO plans.

 Understanding ACA Marketplace Health Insurance Financial Assistance click the title to download this factsheet on tax credits and premiums subsides provided by health insurance plans sold on the ACA Marketplace.

 Helping you Make A “Good Guess” For Out-of-Pocket Health Care Costs  – click the title to download this factsheet on how to estimate a health insurance plans total out of pocket costs.

 Saving for Health and Medical Expensesclick the title to download this factsheet on the difference between Flexible Spending Accounts and Health Savings  Accounts  and how they can help you save for health care expenses. Health Insurance FAQs  click the title to review frequently asked questions about health insurance.

Ask an Expert  use this link to Ask an Expert about health insurance.

University of Maryland: Insuring Your Health visit this site for more consumer information.


Additional Programs Available for Scheduling:

Smart Choice  Health Insurance™ Basics (SCB)This curriculum is a simplified version of the original program. It is a 1-hour session that introduces participants to why insurance is important and terms through a case study that compares the costs of a broken arm with and without insurance.

Smart Use Health Insurance™  – We have developed educational resources that increase people’s knowledge and skills about how to effectively use their health insurance on the following topics:

Smart Use™: Smart Actions – 7 strategies for using your health insurance effectively

Smart Use™: Using Your Health Care Benefits– designed for individuals new to the health care system, this focuses on how to use your health insurance to access care and choose a doctor that is in-network.

Smart Use™: Understanding and Estimating Health Care Costs – understanding the types of costs associated with choosing and using health insurance.

Smart Use™: Tracking Health Care Use and Expenses – increases skills in how to track use of health care services and the costs.