Youth Financial Literacy | Resources for Parents

Building strong financial and consumer skills in youth can start early. Kids as early as 4-6 years old can begin to understand basic concepts. Providing youth with consumer, banking and money management related experiences help them build skills and confidence in the market place. How parents guide the experiences and communicate about money influences the financial skills acquired and the confidence created.

Helping Your Child Learn to Manage Money – this publication provides information about how parents can assist youth in building financial and consumer skills from preschool through the teen years.

Kids in the Market Place Series - This series provides background information and strategies for helping youth build strong consumer and financial management skills.

Cost of Raising a Child Information – prepared by the Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion of the federal government. Scroll down to “Expenditure On Children by Families.

Money on the Bookshelf - Money on the Bookshelf- University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's Money on the Bookshelf Program is and innovative, national award winning program which aims to help you talk with your children ages 4 through 10 about money. Because the program is built around children's books, it also helps you play a role in the literacy development of your children. Curriculum material can be found here.

Planning Ahead for the Cost of College~ Rutgers University Cooperative Extension publication that helps you do the math and provides some helpful ideas for covering college expenses.


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