Middle School and Junior High (Ages 11-13)

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Understanding Young Teens Developmental Chart





Begin to form ties outside family. Physical restlessness: fidgeting.Arguments with parents over rules, neatness, time management. "Bathroom" humor.Boys part of "gang," companions in adventures.
Girls choose "best" friend to share secrets.
Early Adolescence
Gain some independence from parent rules and values.Adjust to new body image. Self-absorption, touchiness.Impulsive, inconsistent mood swings.Constantly hungry, but can be finicky eater. "Bedroom" humor.Develops close friend like self, often someone with qualities wished for in self.May develop "crush" on older man or woman.
Discover personal strengths and capabilities.Develop ability for abstract thought.Turn toward relationships with opposite sex.Form sexual identity. Intense emotional life-heightened senses (especially eye and ear)Analyze ideas and consider own values.First "tender love." Test own limits--excessive physical exertion or risk-taking.
Late Adolescence
Consolidate personality.Self-regulate behavior.Gain physical independence from parents. Predictable.Take responsibility for self and actions.Choose vocational goals. Prepare for marriage and parenthood.

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