How to take a soil sample? For Home Lawns & Gardens

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Soil tests such as those conducted by the University of Delaware Soil Testing Laboratory will help you to develop and maintain more productive soil by providing more information about the fertility status of your soil. This helps you to select the proper lining and fertilization program so that you can obtain optimal growth of lawn, garden and ornamental plants.

A soil test is only as accurate as the sample on which it is made. A soil sample weighing about 1/2 pound is used to represent thousands of pounds of soil in the lawn or garden. Therefore, it is extremely important that soil samples be properly and carefully taken.

A Good Soil Sample Should Represent the Area.

  • Take soil from at least 10 locations (X) in tl1e sampled area and mix togetl1er in a clean bucket.
  • For trees and shrubs, take soil from 5 to 6 spots around the base of tl1e plant and mix.

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