Applied Research Results on Field Crop and Vegetable Disease Control

The research described in this book was designed to evaluate strategies for improving disease control and the efficiency of crop production in Delaware and Maryland. Commercial products are named for informational purposes only. Delaware Cooperative Extension and University of Delaware, do not advocate or warrant products named nor do they intend or imply discrimination against those not named.

The primary purpose of this book is to provide cooperators and contributors a summary of the results of field research. Many data summaries and conclusions in chapters from this book have been submitted to the American Phytopathological Society for publication in Plant Disease Management Reports in 2015. Other work may be published in other peer reviewed scientific journals as appropriate. Reprints of these publications are available upon request.

The authors would like to thank the collaborators, farm crews at UD and UMD, funding groups, and industry for assistance with many aspects of these projects. Without your help, the applied plant pathology programs would not be possible.

Download the complete Applied Plant Pathology research booklet for Delaware and Maryland in 2015 [pdf format]

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