Delaware 4-H’ers Compete at State 4-H Horse Bowl Competition

Seventy-six Delaware 4-H members competed recently in the State 4-H Horse Bowl Competition held at Lake Forest North Elementary in Felton, Delaware. The Horse Bowl event is a knowledge- based, quiz bowl competition. The Delaware 4-H Horse Advisory Committee, a group composed of 4-H volunteers from all three Delaware counties that are dedicated to providing quality 4-H horse programs to members, sponsors this annual event. Members compete on teams of up to four individuals and teams are divided into brackets based on age. 4-H volunteer adult leaders coach young people to prepare them in the months leading up to the competition. Thirty-six Delaware 4-H volunteers assisted with the Horse Bowl event.

The top three teams in each age division were:

Beginner (8-10 year olds)
1st Place- Holler-N-Hooves- Kent County
Team Members: Hayley Halloran, Kassidy Kohland, Claudia Little, Sophia Peterson
Coach: Rosemary Baughman

2nd Place- Little Ponies- Kent County
Team Members: Jessica Bergold, Kenley Cook, Jazz Peterson, Rylee Ridgely
Coach: Jennifer Ridgely

3rd Place- Bridgeville Mustangs- Sussex County
Team Members: Jenna Anger, Gerald Carroll III, Tanner LeCates
Coach: Melissa Layton

Junior (11-13 year olds)
1st Place- East Coast 4-H Riding Club- Sussex County
Team Members: Rebecca Arpie, Mikayla Ockels, Katelyn Records, Garrett Smith
Coaches: Cindy Ockels, Heather Records

2nd Place- New Horizons
Team Members: Kelly Howe, Ashley Hurd, Peyton Ridgely, Ryan Wheatley
Coach: Jennifer Ridgely

3rd Place- Holler-N-Hooves
Team Members: Brittany Cahall, Nicole Canavo, Faith Gorlich, Maggie Vrem
Coach: Rosemary Baughman

Senior (14-19 year olds)
1st Place- Horse Sense- Kent County
Team Members: Molly Johnson, Carissa Lilly, Mikhaela Whitley
Coach: Cara Lilly

2nd Place- Holler-N-Hooves-Kent County
Team Members: Christie Little, Madison Messick, Hannah Ziccarelli
Coaches: Rosemary Baughman, Sharon Little

3rd Place- Buckin Beauties- Sussex County
Team Members: Jackie Arpie, Whitney Records
Coaches: Cindy Ockels, Heather Records

4-H is a community of young people across Delaware learning leadership, citizenship and lifeskills. Join the Revolution of Responsibility! For more information on becoming a 4-H member or volunteer in Delaware please contact your county extension office:

New Castle County: (302)831-8965
Kent County: (302)730-4000
Sussex County: (302)856-7303

How Healthy is that Horse

Two very important things you can do to monitor horse health are to become familiar with how to check the horse’s vital signs and to observe the physical condition of the horse on a regular basis. Checking the horse regularly and knowing what is “normal” for a particular horse can help us find out if that horse is healthy or sick. This allows us to catch a problem, such as an illness or injury early and to contact the veterinarian to assure the best treatment possible. For information on how to take vital signs, including temperature, pulse, respiration, and capillary refill time, and to learn more about performing a physical examination of the horse, click on the link below.

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