Your Money Your Goals

finance-photoAre you in a helping profession? Do you mentor others? Staff from the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension will be presenting training on the Your Money Your Goals a Financial Empowerment Toolkit for Social Services programs. This resource was specifically designed for those who may need to increase their comfort level in sharing good accurate financial management information with those they work with. The toolkit provides resources that can be copied and distributed to customers/clientele.

Financial topics that will be covered include:

  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Saving for Unexpected Emergencies and Goals
  • Managing Income and Benefits
  • Paying Bills and Other Expenses
  • Managing Cash Flow
  • Dealing with Debt and Understanding Credit Reports and Scores
  • Protecting Consumer Rights
  • Evaluating Financial Service Providers

The full day training reviews the content of the material and provides some guidelines on how to best use the materials with others. Dates are scheduled in April with a registration deadline date of April 17th.  Go to this link for the training schedule and a registration form

The cost of $25/per person covers a light lunch and snacks for the day.

From home visitors to lay people in church groups who mentor or council others, this tool kit will be a valuable addition to their resources. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Maria Pippidis at or call 831-1239.