Yes We Can! Maintain Don’t Gain

Cooperative Extension Yes We Can Challenge Chili Cook Off event
Cooperative Extension Yes We Can Challenge Chili Cook Off event

Dancing divas renee's teamParticipants in the Yes We Can! in Kent County and Si Podemos! Challenges in New Castle County completed 8 months of competition aimed at healthier eating and becoming more active. Thanks to funding by the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services and working with UD’s Department of Behavioral Health and Nutrition Lucy Williams and Carlos Dipres worked with the teams to engage them in Cooperative Extension programming to encourage them to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  To end the 8-month challenge recently Carlos’ teams competed in a Chili Cook Off while Lucy’s teams competed in a Chopped Challenge.  After months of participation in the program participants shared the following anecdotes.

From participants in New Castle County

“I became more interested in finding healthy recipes that I could try home.  And I was trying them with my kids, which was good for them too, so they could learn how to eat healthy.”

“I didn’t used to walk; I walked, but when we were put to the test, I realized I wasn’t walking enough.  And then, every day I set goals for myself to walk more and more, and I’ve been achieving them.”

From participants in Kent County

“The overall quality of my life has improved for me because I’ve actually become more conscious and aware of what I’m consuming and what I’m doing and just doing it and for these past five, six months it’s actually helped me to discipline myself to stay steady with it…”

“The nutrition side made me more mindful to eat fruits and vegetables. So I changed the way that I grocery shopped and had more fruits and vegetables available in my fridge to just run home, grab a snack and it was always a fruit or raw veggie.”


The program will continue with new participants competing in a Yes We Can! Maintain Don’t Gain program through the end of 2016.  If you are interested in participating in the program contact Lucy Williams in Kent County or Carlos Dipres in New Castle County