Wow! That’s a lot of sugar!

wow-sugar4-H Food Smart Families is a new youth adult partnership program in Delaware.  Through generous funding from ConAgra Corporation, 8-12 year olds throughout the state will be invited to attend this 10 hour hands-on nutrition and physical activity program. The lessons are:

  • Drink Low-Fat Milk and Water Instead of Sweetened Drinks!  The lesson will teach the children the importance of drinking healthy beverages, especially milk and water rather than soda and energy drinks.  The children will get to make and try a strawberry smoothie.
  • Eat a Rainbow: Eat More Vegetables and Fruits!   Children have a reputation of not liking vegetables.  This lesson will use food models and veggie bingo as a subtle way to encourage children to eat more fruits and vegetables.  The children will make and taste calabicitas-a delicious veggie stir-fry that features a rainbow of vegetables.

Make Half Your Grains Whole: Eat More Whole Grains!  More whole grains equals more fiber in the diet.  Children will compare various grains and get to try oatmeal pancakes as part of this lesson. Learning to read Nutrition Facts labels will help children find the whole grain and see how much fiber it contributes to the product.

  • Healthier Foods Fast: Eat Fewer High-Fat, High-Sugar Foods!  Making “blubber burgers” will help children visualize the amount of fat in many fast food offerings.  Comparing menus for healthier options will educate the children about better choices.  Broccoli Bean Quesadillas will be prepared to expose the children to a quick homemade alternative to fast food.
  • Power Up the Day: Eat Breakfast!  Breakfast parfaits are a quick easy “on the go” breakfast that will dispel the “I don’t have time” myth when it comes to breakfast.  Breakfast Olympics teaches children to compare breakfast options in a fun interactive way.

Each lesson will include games, activities and preparation of healthy recipes.  Food buying, using unit pricing and becoming savvy shoppers will also be taught.  Instructors will be Cooperative Extension staff and 4-H teens.  In addition to teaching the young people about nutrition, the teens will learn leadership skills and self-confidence.

Adults and teens are being trained in the curriculum on April 1st and 3rd in Dover and April 8th and 15th in Newark.  Programming will begin later in April with the goal of reaching 2,500 youth in Delaware between now and October 31st this year.

Families of children who attend the lessons will be invited to participate in family events and will receive groceries to make some of the recipes in the lessons.

For more information contact Kathleen Splane at 730-4000 or email