Winner of Delaware’s 2017 Junior Duck Stamp Competition Announced

2017 Delaware Best in Show Junior Duck Stamp Art
Fulvous Whistling Duck
Caroline Zhu, 15
Oil paint
Group IV (Grades 10-12) First Place

The winning entry from the Delaware Federal Junior Duck Stamp contest was selected on Tuesday, March 28th.  Several artistic renderings of waterfowl and conservation messages from students in grades K-12 were judged to determine which would represent the state in the national contest.

Participating competitors selected a waterfowl from a list of species on the official U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service webpage and drew a live portrayal of that species in its habitat demonstrating its natural behavior.

Caroline Zhu’s entry from the grades 10-12 division, an oil painting rendering of a Fulvous Whistling Duck titled “The First Day of Spring” was selected as the best in show and was sent to the national Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest to have the opportunity for it to be chosen as the Federal Junior Duck Stamp for 2017.

Dorothy McCormick’s conservation message – “If we want to keep our feathered flying friends around, we must keep their environment safe and clean like a cozy abode” – was selected to move on to the national contest as well.  Dorothy was in the grades 7-9 division.

This contest is sponsored annually by the Delaware 4-H Foundation and coordinated by the Delaware 4-H Program.  It is a great event that allows students to get exposed to science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) curriculum.  The Delaware 4-H program encourages anyone who has an interest in this event to contact Doug Crouse, State 4-H Program Leader at (302) 831-2997 or call your local Extension 4-H Office to request more information.

2017 Division winners included:


Clara Gulick (grades 4-6)

“Hidden Refuge”

Species: Cinnamon Teal

Pencil, colored pencil, pastels


Dorothy McCormick (grades 7-9)                                       

“Brant above Banks Harbor”

Species:  Brant

Colored Pencil



Clara Gulick (grades 4-6)

Caroline Zhu (grades 10-12)