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Upcoming ‘Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart’ and ‘Dining with Diabetes’ Series

Eat Smart Healthy StartFood demonstrations and tasting of healthy recipes are an integral part of the Dining with Diabetes and Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart programs. Delaware ranks among the highest in levels of diabetes and heart disease. These are life threatening illnesses that can be positively impacted by healthy eating and physical activity. The University of Delaware Cooperative Extension is offering the Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart series in Newark on March 12, 19 and 26 and Dining with Diabetes in Dover on March 20, 27, and April 3. These series’ provide information about how to integrate lifestyle changes to combat serious diseases.

Both programs are conducted in a 3 part format in order to give individuals extensive information on how what you eat can reduce the negative impact of heart disease and diabetes. Physical activity is a part of the class topics as well. In the Eat Smart for a Healthy Heart class participants learn tools to create tasty low fat recipes. One of the concepts covered in the Dining with Diabetes classes is the importance of eating a high fiber diet (link to Fiber factsheet). In the side dish session participants get to sample 5 dishes that are examples of delicious ways to add fiber to the diet.

For more information on programs related to healthy eating, please visit the Family and Consumer Sciences portion of the UD Cooperative Extension website.