Upcoming Dine Safe Food Safety Class Scheduled

Upcoming Dine Safe food safety class scheduled

A food safety outbreak traced to a volunteer fundraiser could mean disaster for that organization. Food safety in a food service establishment is non-negotiable. Each year, an estimated 6 to 12 million Americans contract food- borne illness as a result of contamination by micro-organisms. These illnesses are preventable. Proper training is the key to preparing food in a safe environment.

The Dine Safe education program was developed by the University of Delaware Cooperative Extension to educate restaurant employees and volunteers on the basic principles of food safety and the importance of serving safe food. The course is led by ServSafe® certified trainers and is conducted in the Kent County Extension Offices or at your location if you have 10 or more employees in attendance.

Volunteers, especially those affiliated with church kitchens, fire halls and service organizations, childcare providers and restaurant employees benefit greatly by attending this class. This three-hour course is an invaluable opportunity for all volunteers and employees to focus on their individual roles in safe food handling. Anyone who serves food to the public is encouraged to take this course regardless of their positions or how many hours they work each week.

Each participant receives a training guide (The ServSafe® Employee Guide) outlining the information covered during the program. The instructor will use presentations and hands-on activities to reinforce the lessons taught.

Those attending will learn skills and strategies they need to follow to keep food safe regardless of their job. The next Kent County Dine Safe class will be held on November 13th from 6:30-9:30pm. Click below to link to the registration brochure or call 730-4000 for information.

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