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University of Delaware Cooperative Extension Graduates 2013 Master Gardeners

Delaware Master Gardeners bring environmental education and the joy of horticulture into classrooms, homes, communities, and demonstration gardens throughout the county.  They offer science-based guidance on home lawns and gardens, develop demonstration gardens and community service projects, run gardening workshops for adults, conduct youth outreach, and staff the Garden Line telephone service.  Through the Junior Gardener program, one of its most extensive outreach efforts, New Castle County Master Gardeners bring environmental education about resources, recycling and composting to classrooms. 

Every two year the organization seeks to re-invigorate and increase its volunteers. The year 2013 was a “training year” for New Castle County Master Gardeners; training was scheduled from March to May.  Certification as a Master Gardener is achieved only after participation in a rigorous training course and completion of the specified hours of volunteer service.  Anyone interested in becoming a NCC-MG in 2015 should contact the Cooperative Extension office at (302) 831-2667, or (302) 831-2506, or email Carrie Murphy, Extension Educator, cjmurphy@udel.edu.  You may also visit our website: https://www.extdev.anr.udel.edu/lawngarden .

Topics covered in training include (but are not limited to) Botany, Plant Classification and Identification, Soil Science, Backyard Composting, Urban Agriculture, Adult and Youth Education, Plant Selection and Care, Integrated Pest Management, Plant Diseases, Vegetables, and Design.

Master Gardener Trainees must successfully complete a 3 month training session that translates into 72 hours of horticultural course work.  They train as apprentices in the following Master Gardener Volunteer committees: Youth Education, Workshops, and Telephone/Diagnostics.  Finally, they must complete 40 hours of volunteer service in New Castle County prior to the end of the 2013 year.

2013 Master Gardener Volunteer Educator Graduates:


From Wilmington: Sicily Bordrick, Barbara Boys, Karen Curtis, Barbara Eldred, Akira Grenardo, Diana Kadash, Kirsten Talley, and Ruth Zorzi. 

From Newark:        Fred Mann, Sally Reiss, and Linda Stapleford. 

From Bear: Tim Coyle and Miriam Reed. 

From Hockessin:  Ralph Goldrick. 

From Townsend:  Lynne Perry.

And from Landenberg, Glenmoore and Lancaster, Pennsylvania:  Marilyn Di Toro, Nancy Throckmorton, and Jan Warner.