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UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic Keeping Busy this Summer

June was a busy month for the UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic, with 160 plant and arthropod samples logged into the system. Of the samples, 133 or 86% were from Delaware, 22 were from MD, and 5 from VA. Most (87%) were for disease diagnosis, but there were some arthropod ID’s, and some plant/weed ID’s. Commercial samples through Cooperative Extension accounted for 56% of samples. Ornamental plants made up 37% of samples, with environmental stress playing a role, and Botrytis blight and bacterial blight common. Vegetable samples made up 40% of the total, and Field Crops 12%. Take all of wheat was diagnosed for the first time in a few years, and anthracnose and gray leaf spot have been seen on corn. Potato and tomato were diagnosed with early blight caused by Alternaria and ozone damage.